Frequently asked Questions

The following questions are often made by visitors and students. Maybe some of them are already “troubling” your mind also.

How will the lessons be conducted?

Your ancient Greek Lessons will be conducted by online tutoring, mainly through Skype. Each time you will be a priori provided with all the necessary learning material, explanatory notes, exercises, homework hints etc, by email.

Will I have to buy any books or other learning material?

No. Everything you need will be provided to you in advance. You must, however, keep this material strictly for personal use. You will have to sign a non-disclosure and copyright protection agreement regarding that.

How will I pay for the lessons?

The payment method is carefully designed to alleviate your anxiety in case you are not fully content with the lessons. Your first ancient Greek lesson is without any charge whatsoever, giving you the opportunity to fully evaluate the whole learning process. Next, if you do wish to continue, you will have to pay at least for two lessons in advance. You won’t have to submit any personal data and I don’t want to learn your credit card’s number! All payments will be transacted through PayPal, ensuring your account’s safety.

When will the lessons take place?

The lessons will take place at a prearranged date and time. 

Can the lessons be attended by more than one student?

Well, yes, but the tutor must be informed in advance. Of course each extra person will also have to pay for the lesson.

Do I have to take all 5 courses?

Of course not! If you believe you already grasp the content of several sections you may choose just one or several sections from one or several courses. Please bear in mind, though, that choosing advanced ancient Greek sections or courses presupposes certain basic knowledge that our tutor will expect you to already master before trying to guide you through the next level. If he realizes that you don’t have enough knowledge to understand and learn the section or sections you wish, the tutor may recommend you to step back a few sections. 

Do I have to attend all the sections of the course that interests me?

No. Just check the answer to the previous question.

Will there be any tests or exams?

Of course. After covering the content of several main sections, certain tests will help both the student and the tutor to evaluate the progress that has been made and the areas that they have to try more. At the end of each course, an exam will show whether the student is indeed ready to move to the next level.  

Which ancient Greek dialect will I be taught?

Basically you will learn the Attic dialect and, if you wish to, the “Koine”, which is also the form of ancient Greek that was used in the creation of the Septuaginta and of the New Testament. The Attic dialect is the main ancient Greek dialect that was initially spoken in the general region around Athens and was the one that overwhelmed all the other ancient Greek dialects. It is the standard form of the language that is studied in ancient Greek language courses, and the language used by the vast majority of the renowned ancient Greek writers, such as Thucydides, Plato, Aristotle and Xenophon.  

Am I going to be able to read Modern Greek also?

Actually yes. Modern Greek is in fact a simplified version of the ancient Greek Attic dialect. If you are a diligent student, you will be able, after the conclusion of at least the four first courses, to read and write Modern Greek also.

Will I have to use certain equipment or applications before attending the lessons? Will I have to install any programme to my computer? 

You will just need standard PC equipment, a fast and steady internet connection and good speakers. Some programs that will surely be needed are Microsoft Word, a PDF reader, Team Viewer and Skype.

What happens if I fail to attend a prearranged lesson?

Well, that depends: if you notify us at least 24 hours beforehand, then we will just have to reschedule. But if you not, unfortunately you will be charged for the lesson, because we won’t have the opportunity to put someone else in your place. So, please try to be punctual!  Unfortunately, you will also be charged for the lesson if a mechanical or any other problem originating from your equipment or internet connection hinders the conclusion of the lesson. On the contrary, if the problem is by any way ours, you will not be charged and if you wish to quit the course, you will get a refund.


We hope we have enlightened you a bit.

Still, should you need any further information or clarification, please, don’t hesitate to contact us.